Why is seeing a psychotherapist useful for distressing symptoms or psychological problems?

I am a federally recognized psychotherapist in private practice. In my many years of work, I have repeatedly experienced in an impressive way that there is usually a reason hidden behind a crisis, an emptiness or an anxiety. According to the understanding "the soul does nothing in vain", I always see a crisis as a chance to integrate something new into the personality. I will gladly accompany you in this process. For this, the inclusion of the unconscious is suitable, e.g. on the basis of the dream work of depth psychology according to C.G. Jung. In a therapy I explore the psychic field together with my client for traces that indicate a resonance to the current topic. The messages of the soul from the unconscious usually give valuable hints in which direction someone should develop, respectively what would like to be integrated.

I am happy to be there for you and support you in finding a helpful way, that your energy feeds the joy of life again.

Target group: adults, young people, children

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Lic. Phil. Peter Luginbühl

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Meeting the Soul

"It is not we who have secrets, the real secrets have us!"

Carl Gustav JUng


Meeting the Soul